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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Chrome Hearts x Rolling Stones Collection

Fans of the Rolling Stones will be happy to know that they can buy more than just band shirts at their fave band's concert thanks to the Chrome Hearts x Rolling Stones Collection.

The Chrome Hearts x Rolling Stones Collection has an impressive selection of accessories that'll make any fan of the band happy. The main motif here is the "lips and tongue" imagery that has followed Mick Jagger and the boys around for years. Chrome Hearts puts its best effort out in representing the iconic logo by placing it on a leather bag, scarves, tees and a variety of jewelry pieces. This is definitely not something you'll find at the merchandise table at one of their shows. There's no word on the release date of this line yet, but I'm sure Rolling Stones fans will have their eyes peeled for this collection. Stats for Lip-Smacking Rock Accessories

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