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Thursday, July 10, 2014

WK$AM Look The Mark

WK$AM Look The Mark #洛神賦


I Only Care About Girls Hype is about Trends & will Become Fashion


Text : ByBrian Farmer #Brian Wang
Via : BilliDollarBaby #BilliDollarBaby

馬克最近已重新想像由世界著名的室內設計師Jacques Grange進行誰提供了舒適感和時尚,上鋪高視覺風格。在馬克,他平衡了宏偉,色彩,藝術性和親密有幽默感的穀物元素。

The Mark has been recently re-imagined by world famous Interior Designer Jacques Grange who delivers a sense of comfort and chic, capped with high visual style. At The Mark, he balances elements of grandeur, color, artistry and intimacy with a grain of humor.

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