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Thursday, June 5, 2014

WK$AM work with AI W Present 15HOW SALON & Art internatinal

0517攝影工作室/0517 Photo Facebook Studio

WK$AM work with #AI W Present 15HOW SALON & Art ineternational high-quality goods,


Being reclusive in the multicultural environment, vagueness is the identity.We wander outside the gender boundaries.Slender yet dominant, no more belongi


Present : #15HOW SALON & #Art ineternational high-quality goods, #來喜制作

Photo : @0517攝影工作室/0517 Photo Studio

AIW PRESENTS // Behind-the-Scenes At 0517 Photo Studio

0517攝影工作室/0517 Photo Studioo to Studio

Photographer : #Andrew Kan ( @來喜制作 )

Model : 程琪

Stylist : Howard Wei ( @15HOW SALON )

Make up : Wen Ai Wu ( @AI W )



About [ AI W ],

founded in 1982

Black/white. Square/round. Ying/yang. Stirred/still. Sensitive. Romantic. Strong.

All of these are inclusive and thriving altogether.

Among this vague and confusing civilization, my threads will be my tool to sort

things out and turn all the invisible sensations into the outline of emotions.

I am weaving through the infinite threads and spreading all the possibilities

among them.

AI W is...

Being still with elegant attitude

Moving with sleek gesture

Breaking down the barriers with emotions to draw personal arch line between the

diversity of clothes.

AI W 品牌精神 :

AI 嬡 W 吳 . 品牌誕生於 1982

黑白 方圓 陰陽 動靜

細膩浪漫. 洋溢剛烈

共生 共存 兼容並蓄

在這現今曖昧不明 / 渾沌的文明之中 理出條線 將會是我的縫線

" 把一切無形感官體驗轉化成情感輪廓線"

來回穿梭遊走 無限的縫線 灑盡一切的可能性

靜 - 柔和優雅的姿態

動 - 揚揚俐落的肢體

破 - 抑揚頓挫之間 用情感 劃出那條屬於個人的 弧線


[ Self-Introduction ]

Wen Ai Wu

From Taiwan, graduated from Fu-Hsin Trade and Arts School

Stylist for several TV shows, TV commercials and music videos

Found ISR (Iron Skin Rabbit) studio

Nominated Taiwan Fashion Design Award

Wen Ai Wu is passionate about all the details about life and likes to challenge the

unreasonable things among them. Observing people and objects, she turns

abstract emotions into her clothing design.

“Ai” in her name is the Chinese pronunciation for “Love”, which she considers the

reason why she is innate to instill warmth into this cold world.

吳玟嬡 wen ai wu

出生於台灣 畢業於復興商工

曾 擔任整體造型師「電視節目.廣告,mv」並 入圍 台灣服裝設計新人獎

並 創立獨立造型工作室 ISR (iron skin rabbit )



喜歡觀察這世界上的人.事.物 再將這些無形的情感轉化成設計

我想都是源自於我的名字「嬡」這個字 諧音「愛」



商品皆由AI W設計製作商品,

如購買上有任何問題可使用粉絲專業內的 [ 訊息 ],




AI W很高興能在這邊為大家服務,謝謝~

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