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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

WK$AM Looks about World ARTIST must check at Taipei 這個世界會好嗎?

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台灣區商品詢問: @MOT 一個更美好的明天 #MOTSTYLE

China is currently one of the hottest female artists to the art of sculptor #Beijing 798 by the nature of life here in Taipei inquire

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#Museum of #Contemporary Art #MOCA Taipei before the show [ the world will be good ? - ] In #Taipei to #Beijing , which is the continent solo female artist was first held since the #MOCA Taipei , after which there are colleagues from #China 's #Jiang Shuo is quite an #eye-catcher , this exhibition brings together twenty-first century to the creation of the #Beijing selection twenty- four works by Amazing Creators keen eye , her passing in three series of observations of things , and to question the world: "The world would be okay ? "

Xiang Jing 's works < amulet > that has access to the Central Academy of Fine Arts Graduate Exhibition Award, and Japan Matsuoka Family Foundation Award, and last year it was selected as the 2012 Martell Artists . She has participated in major group exhibitions at home and abroad , and has in the Today Art Museum and the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art held a major solo exhibition , works more by the British Saatchi Gallery , Shanghai Art Museum and many other art institutions and private collections . Chinese contemporary art is regarded as one of the most representative of the new generation of sculptors , to Beijing to subvert the crowd for a given impression traditional sculpture , works are rich in distinctive self-consciousness , a unique female perspective to write the body. Her creations mostly lightweight fiberglass -based material , and then change to a rich layers of paint color, works with warm emotions , so the sculpture is not only viewing three-dimensional art objects , it is transformed into a combination of creative forms and messages passing communication platform.

Her most notable works on display included with favorite nude [ ], [ ] and [ mortal ] three series of different habitats representative works . These works specifically respond to her personal growth experience and mood changes . Earlier [ nude ] series , show survival of women in the metropolis today to Beijing with a unique view of the delicate cut , they will be converted into ordinary life Zhizhirenxin bold and artistic statues. To Beijing in 2009 moved back to Beijing after Shanghai , for her creative style open a new page , [ mortal ] series with acrobats who twist hair like body movements , implying that puts people to turn a blind eye to rationalize the pain in order to reflect people in social relations and power structures in place. [Different ] series is by animal habitats innocent and slightly melancholy image wake of natural and pure human nature , and made the long cross-examination of life issues .


資料來源:#數位資源 網路新聞分享專區

台北當代藝術館 MOCA Taipei於之前展出【這個世界會好嗎?—向京在台北】,這是MOCA Taipei以來首次舉辦的大陸女性藝術家個展,之後還有同事來自中國的蔣朔也是相當值得一看,本次展覽集結了向京二十一世紀創作中精選的二十四組作品,透過創作者敏銳的眼光,以三個系列作品傳遞她對世事的觀察,並對世人提出疑問:「這個世界會好嗎?」



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