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Saturday, May 31, 2014

WK$AM Look Marcelo Burlon Classic Moon

WK$AM Look Marcelo Burlon Classic Moon

I Only Care About Girls Hype is about Trends & will Become Fashion



簡介#MARCELO BURLON ENTERPRISE是一個不斷發展的一人創業公司,帶動著Burlon的獨特個人特性。廣為交友的性格,MARCELO的時尚推動,對音樂和藝術可以說是毫不費力,往往在模糊操作之間的界限的世界之間切換。顧問,編輯,造型師,公關,組織的始作俑者等等,沒有任何規則,以他做什麼,除了其他領導之一:它一定是好的活動帶動者。一個訓練有素的眼睛,一個會心的心態和精心調校的耳朵 - 他是一個#DJ瞭解夜生活太平常畢竟,你稍微研究就會知道,從他的俱樂部粉紅的是他的朋客群 - Burlon的中心思想感受力是一個帶來涼爽輕鬆的地下流行文化。它導致一個令人興奮的,爆炸性的一輪旋風。他的在當公關工作人時是對新進#Givenchy設計師#Riccardo Tisci的幫手,誰現在是在紀梵希在巴黎創意總監的角色。隨著當代藝術空間卡爾迪庫,一出口,他依然保持著這一天的#公共關係的作用,馬塞洛也是主編,首席圈地雜誌,這也使他短暫的才華通過印刷來表示一個項目,策劃當前氣候的精髓融入一本雜誌。自2006年獨立,馬塞洛計數的#Alexander McQueen ,美美#Martin Margiela的,#紀梵希,范思哲,卡爾文克萊恩,#古奇#普拉達#Jil Sander的和#Marc Jacobs , #Christian Dior迪奧其中包括他最新的客戶端。難以概括是的,當你遇到他,你就會明白。有沒有人很喜歡馬塞洛,他離開的每一個靈魂,他碰到了不可磨滅的印記。梅奧學院院長#戴維斯。

Article by 梅奧學院院長戴維斯。

Published May 20, 2014

Last update May 20, 2014


Special Thanks @WK$AM

profile #Marcelo Burlon Enterprise is an evolving one-man venture fuelled on Burlon’s unique personality. An effervescent character, Marcelo switches between the worlds of fashion, music and art effortlessly, often blurring the boundaries in between disciplines. Consultant, editor, stylist, PR, party instigator and much more, there are no rules to what he does apart from one: that it must be good. A trained eye, a knowing mind and a finely-tuned ear - he is a DJ too after all, you’ll know from his club Pink Is Punk - Burlon’s left-of-centre sensibility is one that brings underground cool to pop culture. It results in a heady, explosive cocktail. Having cut his teeth at Dolce & Gabbana and Alessandro Dell’Acqua as event promoter and celebrities PR, Burlon progressed to collaborate with a roster of clients including Karla Otto, KCD, Slam Jam, Nike, Adidas, Diesel, Attila & Co all the while keeping up his role as PR person for budding designer Riccardo Tisci, who is now creative director at Givenchy in Paris. With a role in public relations for contemporary art space Cardi Gallery, an outlet he still keeps to this day, Marcelo is also the Editor-in-Chief of Rodeo Magazine, a project which has allowed his ephemeral talent to be expressed through print, curating the essence of the current climate into a magazine. Independent since 2006, Marcelo counts Alexander McQueen, Maison Martin Margiela, Givenchy, Versace, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Prada, Jil Sander and Marc Jacobs, Christian Dior amongst his latest clients. Difficult to summarise yes, when you meet him you’ll understand. There’s no-one quite like Marcelo, he leaves an indelible mark on every soul he touches.
Dean Mayo Davies.

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