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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WK$AM Look Gareth Pugh - Autumn / Winter 2014-2015 
WK$AM Look Gareth Pugh - Autumn / Winter 2014-2015

I Only Care About Girls Hype is about Trends & will Become Fashion



Gareth Pugh - Autumn / Winter 2014-2015


忘記了人類的思想的共同邊界,Gareth Pugh的想像力被吸引向搖遠如凍結成冰的星球。僵硬的
感覺充滿了透氣的氣氛,就像如果地球被包圍了一種透明的胎盤。仔細看著淺淺的泛著冰,外星人玩偶下的霜線,陷入了無盡的白色夢想 。華麗的高領皮草大衣撫摸著自己的脖子和癱瘓的嬌嫩肌膚,而他們的白化手指在他們的瘦腰裹在塑料片材和液體乳膠管件的多層微妙奠定。他們的衣服是固體和濃稠狀雲層凝結或尖銳的防護盔甲雕刻成冰。有時金屬鋁箔從冰冷的深處閃爍著,像月球表面石頭的碎片, 隱藏自己醚樣的面孔。瘋狂的帽子設計再帽子內掛掉這個暫停冰川的層面,一個虛構的世界。冰的優雅外殼保留的不朽之美的純粹,因為雪的確在冬季覆蓋灌木和樹葉。


Article by WK $AM

Translation by Cecilia Mu$merCi

Published May 20, 2014

Last update May 20, 2014

Photography Cecilia Mu$merCi

References Gareth Pugh

Special Thanks Mark T.

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Gareth Pugh - Autumn / Winter 2014-2015

Travelling through the stream of the inner conscious, hallucinatory fantasies may awake 

unexpected suggestions which turn into concrete ideas.

Forgetting about the common bounds of human’ thoughts, Gareth Pugh’s imagination was 

drawn towards a remote ice planet. A sense of stiffness imbued the breathable 


like if the planet was surrounded by a sort of transparent placenta. Carefully looking at the 

glowing ice, alien dolls appeard under the frost line, trapped into an endless white dream. 

pulent high collar fur coats caressed the delicate skin of their paralyzed necks, while their 

whitened fingers delicately layed upon their thin waists wrapped in layers of plastic sheets 

and fluid latex tubulars. Their garments were solid and thick like condensed clouds or 

sharp protective armors sculpted into the ice. At times metallic foils shimmered from the 

icy depths, like fragments of lunar stones, misteriously hiding their etheral faces. Mad 

Hatter-like hats linked this suspended glacial dimension to an imaginary world. The 

elegant shell of ice preserved the pureness of immortal beauty, as the snow does in winter 

covering the shrubs and the leaves.

Creativity arises from the liberation of the subconscius mind.

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