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Friday, November 29, 2013

Stylist For Gentle Monster 2014S/S - image PRESENTS Style Look // Behind-the-Scenes Part : 1

Gentle Monster 2014 S/S image PRESENTS Style Look
// Behind-the-Scenes At W studio
Photographer : Leo Wu ( W Studio)
more info:
Model / Artist : Amanda Hu 胡曼達 , Katie Chang
Make Up: 黃筱妍美執事造型團隊
視覺總監:Ken Tsai 
協力媒體:Loop LOOP POST (璽傳媒有限公司)
Stylist : Wong Kong 
服飾提供:GEM Boutique (Goodz collect Boutique),SCREAMING , 
Overture , AMPM studio , IMMENSE // CONCEPT ,Back to British 其餘造型師與Model私物 ,特此感謝!

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